Having started out as a writer, the desire to make my stories come to life soon led me into screenwriting and eventually filmmaking. This, in addition, trained my eye for visual composition and triggered a growing interest in photography and digital art.

So here I am, a visual storyteller in a creative multiverse.

My professional versatility has allowed me to collaborate with many fellow artists from a variety of fields, particularly from within the music industry. It has also led me to experience different cultures and other lives from up close, and given me the privilege to travel and explore this world while doing what I do best.

I use my passion and love for storytelling, visual expression and music to create meaningful content that hopefully not only entertains but also inspires its audience. Whether I can live this out through my own projects or through helping a client's vision come to live, is secondary.


What matters is to tell the stories that want and need to be told.



Based in Hamburg, Germany - available worldwide!


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— Prey For Nothing,

                           Progressive Death Metal Band

“Delia was more than just professional. She was fun, which is not just important but essential for image shots. Everything marketing-related is not our turf. And yet she managed to turn us into something that stands between stellar and cool.

She was pouring with ideas, skilled with the gear and the understanding of the surroundings, amazingly talented from the shooting to the editing - and she could use everything we are to our advantage.

She is the go-to pro. We had her for less than three hours and we wish we could have her as our professional photographer all year long.

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